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Facebook Support Inbox – Are you confused about some stuff on Facebook? Do you wish to get instant solutions to concerning the issues you are facing on Facebook?, Facebook support inbox is available to give you the right support and solutions you need for your problems.

What is a Facebook support inbox?

Facebook support inbox is a way of contacting the main Facebook team for appropriate solutions to your Facebook problems.

About 50% of Facebook users lay a complain that when they report an issue to the Facebook team, the message or the report is lost somewhere in the background and they don’t get solutions to the issues they are facing. That is why Facebook updated its support team feature to enable its users to connect and interact with its support team one on one.

Facebook support group prefers instant solutions to the problems of Facebook users. It is easier and faster to connect with the Facebook support team via the Facebook support inbox. The Facebook support inbox is the right place you can;

  • Get updates of the things, people, pages that you reported about.
  • You can see messages as regards to your Facebook account.
  • You can check your messages you sent to the support team and the responses you get from them.

Accessing Facebook support inbox via an Android device

Accessing the Facebook support inbox is neither a pain nor a stress. You can easily and quickly access the support inbox by;

  • Firstly, launch the Facebook app on your Android device.
  • Log into your Facebook account with your appropriate details.
  • Click on the navigation icon.
  • Scroll down to the Help and settings section.
  • Click on the account settings.
  • In the list that appears to click on the “support inbox”.

By doing this you will get to see things as regard to Facebook care and services.

You can also contact Facebook support team via the support inbox if you have any issues concerning the social network that needs to be improved.

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