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Facebook is a social media platform with so many activities occurring simultaneously. Thus to keep you abreast of with activities, Facebook sends you notifications to alert you as to what people on your friends list are up to.

Facebook notifications are updates about activities on Facebook. These notifications come up for several reasons .These reasons could be;

  • When people on your friends lists post on Facebook.
  • When you have a friend request.
  • When one of your friend’s birthday.
  • When you have a pending page update that needs to be done.
  • When your profile to be completed.

This is an updated post on Facebook Notifications Settings. This post covers mobile and desktop notifications, red alert notifications, email notifications, push notification, and how to disable all facebook notifications.

Facebook Notifications - Notifications Settings on Facebook

Facebook Notification Types

Facebook notifications come in different forms. In this post, we will consider the different types of notifications available on Facebook.

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Facebook notifications come up on devices which the user makes use to access their Facebook account. There are majorly two types of device which include the desktop and mobile device.

Facebook Notifications on Desktop and Mobile Device

Red Alert Notification: These are Facebook notifications that appear above with different symbols representing what you are being notified of. Once you have a new notification, a red bubble pops up, with the number of new notifications you’ve received.

This notification comes in the form of a human ahead icon, bell icon, and globe icon, representing friends request, birthdays, etc. All you need do is tap on this icon, anytime, to see your notifications.

Email Notification: Users receive this kind of notification on the email account they used to sign up for Facebook. So users in search of notifications on their Facebook activities can check their email linked to it.

Push Notification: These are notifications that pop up when you are actively using Facebook and helps you re-engage with your friends. These kinds of notification come up when other Facebook users send a message, recently upload something or even like Facebook posts of the user.

Desktop Only

Pop-Up Notifications: This notification, pops up on your screen when you are logged in to Facebook, and a friend interacts with you. Tap on the notification, to view the story or click “X” to have the notification closed.

Mobile Only

Text Notifications: This is a notification, you receive thru mobile text messaging.

How to Turn Facebook Notifications On and Off

Facebook notification can pose a distraction sometimes and quite consuming if they are much. Good news is, you can turn them off..

However, you cannot completely turn off Facebook notifications. Only certain parts of it can be changed.

To do this, follow the steps below;

  1. Open the website: www.facebook.com
  2. Carry out the Facebook login process if necessary.
  3. Tap the “V” shaped icon, at the top-right, and choose “Settings
  4. Click on “Notifications” in the left column.
  5. Choose the device you want to change notifications for. In this case, you’re to choose “Desktop and Mobile” and click on the blue “Edit” link to the right of it.
  6. Click the “Turn off” button to the right of all notification types you wish to turn off.

Hope this helped.


Author: stanley