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Facebook location – Adding a location to your Facebook posts and updates can be very interesting. Social networking sites like Facebook allows you to login your Facebook account, post a status and tag a location to your post to show where you are.

Facebook location lets your friends and family know where you are. You can also use Facebook location to notify your friends about your whereabouts using the nearby friends feature. This means that Facebook is keeping a record of all your movements and this information is used for more than getting in touch with your friends and family.

Apart from letting your friend know about your current location, FB location also helps Facebook users to locate a particular direction whenever they feel they are lost. Most developed countries like U.S.A uses the Facebook location to keep track of individuals most especially in criminal cases.

Having known what Facebook location is all about, I think we should take a ride on knowing how to add a location to Facebook post and also learning how to change your Facebook location.

Add Facebook location to posts

Adding a location to your Facebook posts via your smartphone is easier, simply;

  • Go to your Facebook app.
  • Click on the status option.
  • Compose your status.
  • Indicate your location.
  • And then click on “post” you have successfully added a location to you Facebook post.

Change Facebook location

Changing your FB location is quite easy and interesting;

  • Go to your Facebook website.
  • Click on your name.
  • Click on About.
  • Choose places you have lived before.
  • Go through your current city location.
  • Tap Edit.
  • Click on the text field and type the name of your current location.
  • Click the name of your location that appears on your screen.
  • Click on “, save changes”.

If you don’t feel comfortable with Facebook keeping records of your every move, Facebook has a feature that enables you to disable or turn off your location and secure your privacy.

Disable location on Facebook

The easiest way to disable your FB location on your Facebook app is by;

  1. Go to your Facebook app.
  2. Click on privacy.
  3. Tap location services.
  4. Click on disable or turn off location.

You can as well delete the information Facebook already have about your location, to delete your location;

  • Go to your Facebook app.
  • Click on the More tab at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Tap the Activity log.
  • Choose filter.
  • Click on your location history.
  • Tap on the “clear location”.
  • Click on Confirm.

You have automatically deleted the information Facebook has about your movements and locations.

Note: If you disable your Facebook location, Facebook will not have access to your locations again. Your current location may be seen by your friends and other Facebook users on the find friends page on your Facebook account. This location is dependent on your current GPS location and cannot be changed manually.

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