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Free Marketplace on Facebook

Facebook Marketplace as the is a platform on Facebook carved out for business purposes. Here sellers put up items available for sale on display and potential buyers browse through them, pick a particular item they like and get in contact with the seller to acquire the item.

This Facebook service is totally free to use, although not all Facebook users are eligible to take advantage. Ineligible users include users below the age of 18, users not in areas the service is supported and new users.

The Marketplace service is disabled on newly registered accounts as a way of checking fraudulent users who may try using new accounts to cun other users.

How to Use the Facebook Marketplace Feature

To access and use the Marketplace feature on Facebook, follow the procedure below.

1. Login to your account.

2. Click on the “store front” looking icon on the left hand side of the page. This is the Marketplace icon.

You should now have access. What you do next depends on whether you want to buy or sell. Follow the guide below to do either of the two.

A. To Sell

On accessing the Marketplace;

  • Click on the “Sell Something” option.
  • Click on “Item for Sale“.
  • Enter the details for the item you want to put up for sale and add pictures of it as well. Details should be as concise as possible.
  • Once done, click on “Post“.

Your item will be put on display for buyers’ perusal. When buyers are interested in your item, they, will get in touch with you.

B. To Buy

On accessing the Marketplace;

  • Select the item you wish to purchase by clicking on it. In a situation where an item you want isn’t displayed on gaining access, use the search bar to search for it.
  • Click on the “Message” button to contact the seller and begin negotiations to acquire the item.
  • If details provided for a particular item are not satisfactory, click on the “Ask for Details” button to get more information.

Author: emem