How to View Facebook Profile as Someone Else

Today, we will be looking into how to view a Facebook profile as someone else.

Facebook has made it in such a way that the way you view your profile is different from how your friends view it, below is how to view your profile as someone else.

When it comes to posting on Facebook, you can never be too cautious. Events and images intended to be shared with friends and family can just as easily be made public. There are settings to prevent this, but checking each and every post to see if it’s set to ‘Private’ is a difficult task.

Fortunately, Facebook allows you to specify which of your uploads are visible to everyone. In this article, we’ll show you how to view your Facebook profile as if you were someone else, giving you more control over what content you make public.

Here is How to View Facebook Profile as Someone Else: Have you ever wondered what exactly people see when they check your Facebook profile? The Facebook privacy policy has helped to hide some stuff you wanted to be hidden but how sure you that they are actually hidden are, you may want to confirm that by seeing exactly what someone else is seeing on your Facebook profile.

Some may feel it is not important since it’s your account and at least you can see it directly from here, but I can assure you that what others are seeing is far different from what is shown to you on the profile. Just try it using the steps below and see your Facebook profile as someone else, then you will understand what I am saying;

How to View Facebook Profile as Someone Else

  • The first login to your Facebook profile, then go to Settings by clicking the arrow pointing down at the top corner of your Facebook page and then select “settings

  • · From the settings page, select Timeline and Tagging

  • · From the pop-up menu, select “View as” which is under “who can view post”

  • · Then again, select, “View as Specific Person” which allows you to pick anyone from your friends
  • · After picking the friend, then it will go directly to your profile and will be shown as the friend you picked will see it.

Note that you can pick more than one friend from your friend’s list to see what exactly they are seeing on your Facebook profile page, you just follow the steps again and select another friend.

BEST Facebook Profile Viewer Apps

  • mSpy is among the biggest tools to view Facebook profiles and texts, as well as chat history. It is considered the most ideal solution because it enables you to block your children from accessing offensive content on Facebook and other social media sites.
  • uMobix is a Fb profile viewer tool that lets you access various phone activities, like telephone calls, GPS locations, social networking sites, etc, on the target smartphone.
  • With eyeZy, you can track your kids’ Facebook activities to safeguard them from malicious actors and online trolls . This phone monitoring app offers a Live Demo in addition to a GPS location reporting feature. You can also keep an eye on your Instagram and WhatsApp chats using it.

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Kindly share this write-up if you find it useful to all your contact so they can actually see what others are seeing on their Facebook profile.

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