How to Shut Down Facebook Account

Some events may have you consider taking a break from Facebook. That’s not a choice for every person. We may recommend that instead of permanently shutting down your Facebook account, simply tighten up your account settings.

How To Shut Down Facebook Account: However, if you decide to completely stop using Facebook, either temporarily or permanently, we have here a simple, straightforward guide.

If you’re ready for a social media (Facebook) break, below’s how to delete Facebook.

How To Shut Down Facebook Account

Facebook has two options for you – either you permanently delete your account or temporarily take a break from Facebook.


Facebook offers you two options – 2 alternatives: deactivate or erase

The initial could not be less complicated. The steps are presented below:

Facebook from Desktop/ PC

  • On the desktop, click the drop-down menu at the top-right of your display and select settings.
  • Click General on the top left, Edit alongside “Manage Account” Scroll down as well, and you’ll see a “Deactivate My Account” link at the bottom. (Below’s the direct link to utilize while logged in.).

Facebook for Mobile

If you’re on your mobile device, such as using Facebook for iphone, in a similar way, click on

  • Settings > Account settings > General > Manage Account > Deactivate.

If you deactivate your account, your timeline will go away; you will not have access to the site or your account through mobile apps, friends can’t post or contact you, as well as you’ll lose access to all those third-party services that make use of (or need) Facebook for login.

But Facebook does not delete the account. Why? So you can reactivate it later on.

However, you must download a copy of all your data on Facebook – posts, images, videos, chats, and so on– from the settings menu (under “General”).

Account Deletion

To totally delete your Facebook account forever and ever, click the link below to learn how:

Simply realize that regarding the Facebook data use policy, “after you eliminate information from your profile or delete your account, copies of that information will be saved by Facebook in case of legal issues arising anytime.

Also, know that it could take 90 days for several of your posts and photos to be completely erased.

Deletion in support of Others

If a customer has actually died, a heritage gets in touch with Facebook – a close friend or family member who the account proprietor assigned; can get accessibility to that person’s timeline once authorized by Facebook.

This is called Facebook account memorialization.

The contact person will have access to the deceased timeline survives and can choose to remove the account.

You can designate a specific individual to manage your account after your death.

You can find that under:

Settings > General > Manage Account > Your Legacy Contact.

You can likewise take the extra action of ensuring that after you die, if the traditional contact does report you to Facebook as deceased, your account gets deleted.

How to Shut Down Facebook Account

Is it possible to temporarily disable your Facebook account?

Select Privacy, next tap Your Facebook Information. Tap Deactivation and Deletion. Select Deactivate Account, afterwards tap Continue to Account Deactivation and follow the steps to confirm. After deactivating your account temporarily, you can opt to return it whenever you wish.

What happens when I disable my Fb account?

After deactivating your account temporarily, you can opt to return it whenever you wish. This will imply that you can see your pictures, video content, friends and groups once more. Until you reactivate your account, no one can access your timeline or locate you in a search. Some items may still be visible to others (for instance: private messages you have sent).

Can I close my Facebook account without signing in?

No, you need to sign into your Facebook account to be able to deactivate or permanently delete it

That is it for how to shut down Facebook account. Please, use the comment section to get in touch with us.

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