How to Delete Facebook Account

How to Delete Facebook Account: Facebook is an important platform to stay connected with friends that are far and near but it can sometime frustrate people with its regular notifications, ads and even irrelevant posts, with time, it eats deep into you and you feel like letting go completely

When this type of feelings start crawling into your mind, you may decide to just take a break from Facebook rather than letting go completely, to take a break, you can temporarily deactivate your account till you are ready to use it again. You can as well totally forget about Facebook and totally delete your account without looking back.

Knowing the implication of each decision you take, you should stay prepared for the outcome thereafter. To temporarily deactivate your account and get it back when you want with all transactions that were made intact or you could permanently delete and loose all your shared and received document.

So if your final decision is to totally delete your Facebook account, it is advised to download your Facebook info into your device, such info will contain pictures, videos, messages and posts which makes up your Facebook profile. This should be done because after completely deleting your account, Facebook will as well delete everything contained in your profile ant it won’t be regained. In order to do this, just follow the steps below;

  • · Go to your Facebook account
  • · Then to settings
  • · Then to General settings
  • · Select “Download a copy of my Facebook information”
  • · Then finally, select beginning my archive
  • · You will be asked to input your password, after the info will start downloading into your device

Now that you’ve downloaded your Facebook info, you are ready to delete your account, follow the steps below;

  • · Visit the facebook removal site via
  • · Then click on “delete my Facebook account”
  • · You will as well be required to input your Facebook password to complete the process

Now it is done, friends will no longer see you on Facebook even if they search your name directly. It is important to know that it might take up to 90days for Facebook to completely erase all your data, so kindly stay away from anything Facebook during these periods to avoid restoring your account

I hope you understood what you just read, you can kindly share this article with your friends so they can as well make their decision to either delete or deactivate their account when they get tire of it.


Author: john